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​Rental flow

Same-day reservations are accepted by phone.
​TEL  075-746-5221

Advance reservations are accepted on our website.
Please select your preferred plan and fill in the date and time and your contact information.
Please ask us about options at the time of your visit.
Please come to the store at the time you reserved and tell us the name of the reservation.
If you are late within 5 minutes, you do not need to contact us. Please see Access for the detailed location of the store.
It is also possible to change the plan on the day, so please let us know.
Please fill in the reception table.
Please check the precautions and return time when renting.
Kimono selection
Please choose your favorite one from 300 kinds of kimonos.
Basic kimono and obi are set.
Please let us know if you would like to change or add options.
Hair set&dressing
Our staff will dress you in kimonos and yukatas.
All the accessories necessary for dressing are included in the set, so there is nothing to prepare in particular. Come empty-handed.
If you would like to arrange your own personal belongings, please let the staff know.
We also have lace innerwear available at our store. Please feel free to use anything that intrigues you.

All of our kimono hair sets use irons. For those who do not have hair set, only one point decoration can be attached free of charge.
Our shop is handmade. Please use it as it is a unique decoration ♡
* You can also use your own hair ornaments.
Luggage storage
We will give you a special bag for each person. Please put all your luggage in our store. We will also keep large carry cases and strollers free of charge.
Please let us know if you wish to use the bag.
There are lockers for storing valuables.
6つの特徴アクセスHP用 候補①.jpg
Please return the kimono by the final return time of 18:00.
You can return it on the next day for ¥1,000 (tax included).
Please note that if you do not make it in time for the return, you will be charged a late fee.
Free return on the day
(within the rental fee)

The final return time is 18:00 on the day of rental.
The shop will be completely closed at 18:30.

If you do not return by the closing time, you will be charged an extension fee (¥5,000).
In addition, we will not be able to deliver your luggage until the store opens at 9:00 on the next business day. note that.

return the next day

You can use it until noon on the day after the rental.
Unnecessary luggage (other than valuables) can be stored at the store.

If you are more than 15 minutes late for 12:00 the next day, we will charge ¥1,000 as an extension fee.
Also, at the time of rental, we will keep ¥5,000 per person as a security deposit, which will be refunded when you return the next day.

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